Deaffairedamour - Your Online Fashion Getaway

Deaffairedamour - Your Online Fashion Getaway

1 May
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How to Order
Step 1) Fill up the order form with the respective details needed to make an order
Step 2) Tick the CONFIRMED button only if you are 200% sure of getting it to get first priority
Step 3) Wait for a reply, we will reply you within 12 to 24 hours with the payment invoice
Step 4) You can email us directly to helloaffairedamour@gmail.com or comment to the post with your orders

♥ We are based on FIRST-PAY-FIRST-SERVE concept
♥ Do clear your doubts first before commenting for your confirmed orders
♥ Strictly no swaps/trades/refund/exchange
♥ If item is "Pending", it means we are waiting for payment, however, if you are able to make payment through Internet Banking immediately, priority will be given to you.
♥ If any deal falls through, do leave your email so that we can contact you asap for the item(s) you interested
♥ Prices are fixed hence no negotiation

Payment details
♥ Main Account - POSB SAVINGS 024484777
♥ POSB/DBS transfer via ATM or Internet Banking ONLY
♥ We strongly encouraged buyers to transfer via Internet Banking to ease our transaction
♥ ATM transfer - please keep your receipt for clarification (payments via atm without receipt will not be entertained)
♥ Receiving an invoice does not secure your item(s) despite the given time frame, as we go by first-pay-first-serve basis
♥ Those who have confirmed yet didnt make the effort to inform us if cancelling of order will be blacklisted and will not be receiving the benefits in the future collections (eg, sales price, free reg mail or free gifts)
♥ In the event when item(s) are sold when payment is made, a FULL refund will be made

Delivery Information
♥ No meet ups available unless otherwise stated
♥ Free normal mail for all mailing list members
♥ Normal mail - additional of $1.50, $0.50 for subsequent add-on item(s)
♥ Registered mail - additional $2.50 on top of normal mail
♥ Postage will be despatched within 1 to 5 working days
♥ We will not hold any responsibilty for any lost mails, registered postage are strongly encouraged

If you still have any clarification, do not hesitate to email us at helloaffairedamour@gmail.com

Thank you very much! Do enjoy shopping @ DeAffaireDamour :)